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Our New Website

New Eras Media

We are updating our own website and here is a sneak preview.

Mobile Site Demo!.

Demo's and Portfolio:

Chocolate Architect Shopify Shopping Cart Updates

We have worked with the Chocolate Architect on occassion over a decade. Currently we are updating the shopping cart to be more user-friendly and attractive.

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Real Estate Site

This is a new Real Estate site. Using the cabin art I created the logo. I built it on WordPress for rapid creation, and ensured fast loading on mobile.

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Wireframes Demo

This is a powerpoint presentation I made that got my contract at Blue Shield


LindoTiger for ad-X-factor.

Web Design, Project Management, Online Advertising, Sharepoint

Site Design, Logo Design, and project management.Content property of LindoTiger and the site owners.

SAFE Credit Union

Intranet Multimedia-based Training Site

SAFE Credit Union sought an online training and testing solution that kept the attention of its trainees. We developed the system with a customizable design that allows SAFE to effortlessly modify the training content.

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Box O'Cats Game

A Card Game -- Site created using Drupal CMS

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Sample Logos


Logo Spec Designs


Treasure Hunt Game

Demo of JQuery, CSS, and other technologies. Takes about 10 minutes to play. Explorers beware, heading south you may not necessarily return north...:

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Banner Ads

Speculative - Crystal Harris & Innner Circle

We are working with Lindotiger Entertainment in online celebrity endorsements, cobranding, and promotions. Here are some banner ads we created on spec while representing Crystal Harris.

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New Eras Media Demo

All aspects of web development for sites of all scales


Promotional Video -- Requires Flash

Flash Video

We filmed this Promo under the guidance of our associate who was entering a contest.

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Virtual Tour -- Requires Flash

Flash Demonstration (High Bandwidth)

This is a link to one of the many types of virtual tours we offer. This one is simple--with a couple creative additions.

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Innovative Imaging Incorporated -- Requires Flash

Flash Demonstration (High Bandwidth)

This is a link to the presentation that Innovative Imaging Incorporated, creators of high-end ultrasound equipment, needed to showcase their new ultrasound unit.

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SAFE Credit Union Flash for Training Site -- Requires Flash

We created these Flash module introductions for the SAFE Credit Union Intranet Training Site we also developed.


Flash Game

Hangbot--Hangman-like game

A fun game...give it a try!

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Hangbot--Hangman-like game

A fun game...give it a try!

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Dorado Software -- Requires Flash

Flash Presentation and Voice-talent oversight

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