New Eras Media

New Eras Media meets your Web and multimedia needs as a contractor or subcontractor, or by providing an employee--whichever your firm needs.

We provide a talented consultant for long-term contracts, or if needed assemble our team, on-site or remote. Since 2002 we have served over 100 small and large businesses, many on a repeat basis. Our founder regularly serves, individually or through New Eras Media, such firms as Apple, Intel, The State of California, Blue Shield of California, Sutter Health, SAFE Credit Union. We are open to temporary or permanent assignments and work with you to make your project a success!

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Web Consulting

  • Websites
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile Sites
  • Full Service Development


We offer the experience of 10 years teaching experience @ California State University

E-Business Services

Do you have an online marketing, SEO, or e-business challenge? We can help!


We design everything from Websites to Logos.


Our side project is Box O'Cats, a hilarious game of creative problem solving! Available Now at Amazon!


With 20 years of experience, we offer the "Full-Stack" of web development as Consultant, Sub-contractor, or Employee.


  1. Front-End Web Development (HTML, JS, CSS)
  2. User-Centered Design (UI/UX)
  3. Javascript (Object Oriented JS)
  4. Responsive Mobile Design
  5. Project Leadership (BA, PM)
  6. Training
  7. Multimedia Presentations
  8. Full-Stack Web Development
  9. E-commerce Consultation
  10. Online Promotion
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New Eras Media was founded in 2002 by Kevin Harville. New Eras Media has worked with dozens of firms, subcontractors, employees, and prime contractors. We remain extremely flexible as to how we can contribute to your firm's projects, future, and bottom-line--from short-term to permanent arrangements.

New Eras Media

PO Box 276163
Sacramento, CA 95827